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W.A.A. Co-Rec Nights, 1950-51

The WAA co-rec nights in the gym offered a wide variety of entertainment. The pool was open for co-ed swimming, badminton and folk dancing compete in the gym. And volleyball is played fast and furiously in the cage, with the men always turning out…


Sphinx Volleyball Tournament Champions, 1948-49

The image is of Sphinx Volleyball Tournament Champions, 1948-49. The women in the first Row are Jan Wise, Nancy Bachtell, Jackie Tucker, Aenid Horton, Jean Vernon, Ruth Russ, Jackie Nuttall. And the second row depicts Jeri Mitchell, Beth…


Women Playing Basketball and Volleyball, 1944-45

The left photo depicts a woman is shooting a free throw at the foul line, while five other women are standing at the lane lines. All were dressed in shirts and shorts. They were most likely playing six-player basketball: only so many players are…


All Star Volleyball Team, 1937-38

The image depicts the All-Star volleyball team of the academic year 1937-1938. The women seen in the picture are Edith Maslin, Ruth Hazeltine, Katy Royon, Louise Harris, Ginny Blaser, Jane Cassel, Jean Brockman. These seven women were sitting on…


Carrie Zuro Digs In, 1995 - 1996

The image above Carrie Zuro is seen digging in. Mariama White (#15) and #11 Jenny Schroeder were waiting their turn. Zuro is digging the volleyball during a warm-up for a game. The women were wearing jerseys, shorts, and knee pads. The administrative…


Alpha Alexander Spikes at the Net, 1974-1975

This action shot shows Alpha Alexander [HOF] just after she had spiked the ball over the net. Cindy Sprau No. 18 was set to defend, preparing for the next play. The opponents on the other side of the net were attempting to block the spike. This photo…


Varsity Volleyball Team, Time out with Coach Hunt, 1969

The photo is of Varsity Volleyball players #3, #11, and #18, surrounding Coach Virginia Hunt. Hunt was the first Volleyball coach at Wooster. This picture was taken during a time out. The first Ohio State Volleyball Tournament was held this winter at…


First Season for Girls' Volleyball, 1966-67

The image above is of the girls' volleyball team. Believe it or not, it was a varsity sport for the girls on the Hill. And believe it or not, for the first season they bounced up a winning record of 4-2. Carolyn Hole was team captain, and a fine play…


KEZ Championship Volleyball Team, 1950-51

Volleyball from late fall until just before Christmas offers fun to all. This was the year the regular season featured tournaments in two leagues with a close playoff between Sphinx and KEZ, won by the KEZ 32-29. A short post season tournament…


Varsity Volleyball Team, 1931-32

The photo above is of the varsity volleyball team. Although each class team was composed of twelve girls, only ten were chosen for the varsity. Martha Dobias of the Sophomore class was elected captain. The photo is of only eight women of the ten who…