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All Star Volleyball Team, 1937-38

The image depicts the All-Star volleyball team of the academic year 1937-1938. The women seen in the picture are Edith Maslin, Ruth Hazeltine, Katy Royon, Louise Harris, Ginny Blaser, Jane Cassel, Jean Brockman. These seven women were sitting on…


Women's Athletics, The Coaches, 1929-1930

The image above is captioned Women's Athletics, The Coaches. It depicts Miss Kathleen Lowrie, Head of Wooster's Athletic Department for Women, seems to possess all the requirements for one to have in such a responsible position and also other…


Natural Dancing, 1932-33

The image above shows women natural dancing on the newly finished floor of Athenia, which had many followers this year. Numerous dances, of which the pose pictured is characteristic, added to the interest manifested by the girls of the three…


Women's Baseball, 1931 Championship Team

The photo is of seven women who were members of the 1931 baseball team. This may be the first time a baseball team has been pictured, although the women had a game as early as the 1800's when Hoover Cottage was built.In the spring of 1931, the…


Golf, 1934-35

In the image above is of four women facing a fifth, all with golf clubs in hand. The women look like they were too close to swing, so this photo was most likely posted. This group could be a class or a club group. All were in skirts and blouses. The…


Reading Left to Right-15 Duffers, 1932-33

The image above is captioned "Reading Left to Right- 15 Duffers." This photo is part of a collage of photos. A line of men and two women (in the center) were all posed looking at the camera, each with a golf club extended out in front of them. Coach…


Co-ed Champs, 1929-1930

The image above is of the co-ed champs collage. The five photos in the collage are 1. Archery with a large group of women with bows near the hockey field [goal in the background.] 2. Woman standing with a golf club. 3. Seven women on the hockey field…


"Mary Jane" Tennis, 1931-32

The photo above is of Mary Jane Paumier, Tennis Champion in 1931-32. The photo collage detail was “Mary Jane”. This photo is part of a seven photo collage found on page 208. She is seen wearing a polka-dot dress with a vest of some sort, and she is…


Varsity Volleyball Team, 1931-32

The photo above is of the varsity volleyball team. Although each class team was composed of twelve girls, only ten were chosen for the varsity. Martha Dobias of the Sophomore class was elected captain. The photo is of only eight women of the ten who…


Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32

This is a picture of the Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32. This was the year an honorary varsity team was chosen from the two upper-class teams. Mary Jane Paumier was the elected captain. An all-star freshman team was formed also from the two…