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Nan Nichols, 1962-63

The photograph above is of Nan Nichols, who was women's Physical Education staff. This may have been Nichols first year on the staff. She is shown on the spiral staircase that leads down to Severance pool. She became the first basketball and swimming…


Women's Athletics, Atalanta and the Golden Apples, 1925-1926

The illustration that leads this section on Women's Athletics shows the Greek Myth of Atalanta and Hippomenes. Atalanta was abandoned at birth and raised by a she-bear, then hunters who found her. She became a great hunter and a fast runner. But…


Senior Photo: Mary Jean Buccalo, 1926-1927

The image above is a senior photo of Mary Jean Buccalo, 1926-27. Buccalo's photo was not among the juniors in the previous year. As a senior, she was a member of the Big Six and served as the Manager for Tennis. She was also selected to the Honorary…


Women's Athletics Staff & Program, 1930-31

The image above is of the Women's Athletics. Although Wooster College does not offer a major in Physical Education, her intramural program was well developed. Students had an opportunity to enjoy most of the sports offered in schools of physical…


Geraldine Toops & Virginia Hunt, 1962-63

This is a photograph of Geraldine Toops & Virginia Hunt [right], members of the Women's Physical Education staff in 1962-63. This was Virginia Hunt's first year at Wooster. She later went on to start the first varsity Field Hockey (1965) and…


Miss Lowrie, 1926-1927

This full-length photo of Kathleen Lowrie is featured on a page for the Big Six Board. With Miss Lowrie as head of the department and Miss Sperry as her able assistant, the Women's Athletics Department had made rapid strides in the past few years.…


Kathleen Lowrie, 1921-1922

The photograph is of Kathleen Lowrie, 1921-22. (Misspelled as Lowry in staff photo). Lowrie would serve as Chair of the Department of Women's Physical Education from 1921 until 1953. She would be responsible for building a strong recreational based…


Women's P.E. Staff: Toops, Hunt, & Nichols

Women's Physical Education Department: Photo of Geraldine Toops, Virginia Hunt, & Nan Nichols. Hunt and Nichols were hired in 1963 and would go on to start varsity programs for women in field hockey and basketball starting in 1965. Hunt would also…