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Women’s Basketball Team Photo, 1982-83

This is a team photo of 1982-83 Women’s Basektball Team. The front row depicts Amy Smith, Tammy Allen, Barb Endel, Michele Pensyl, Betty Title, Darlyn Kemp. The women seen in the back row are, Missy Horning, Betsy Deeter, Pam Chapman, Barb Davis,…


Kris Leslie Releases A Shot Under the Basket, 1982-1983

The image above depicts Kris Leslie (#34) releasing a shot under the basket while Maribeth Bentler (#25) positions for a rebound. Teammates can be seen on the bench in the background. The women are dressed in V-necked tops and high black shorts. The…


Carrie Zuro Digs In, 1995 - 1996

The image above Carrie Zuro is seen digging in. Mariama White (#15) and #11 Jenny Schroeder were waiting their turn. Zuro is digging the volleyball during a warm-up for a game. The women were wearing jerseys, shorts, and knee pads. The administrative…


Alpha Alexander Spikes at the Net, 1974-1975

This action shot shows Alpha Alexander [HOF] just after she had spiked the ball over the net. Cindy Sprau No. 18 was set to defend, preparing for the next play. The opponents on the other side of the net were attempting to block the spike. This photo…


Varsity Volleyball Team, Time out with Coach Hunt, 1969

The photo is of Varsity Volleyball players #3, #11, and #18, surrounding Coach Virginia Hunt. Hunt was the first Volleyball coach at Wooster. This picture was taken during a time out. The first Ohio State Volleyball Tournament was held this winter at…


Christy Evans Drives on Opponent, 1989-1990

Christy Evans is depicted driving on a Case Western Reserve University player. Evans was in the W Association Hall of Fame. She had a twin sister who played at Ohio Wesleyan University. Evans is seen wearing a short sleeved jersey, and shorts. The…


Brenda Heil Looks for Options, 1988-1989

Brenda Heil (#45) is depicted looking for options while Tiffany Brown (#32) asks for the ball during a game against OWU, 1988-1989. Wooster's bench can be seen looking on in the background. The players can be seen wearing V-necked, short sleeved…


Donna Beck Prepares to Shoot, 1970-1971

This is an image of the Women's Basketball, 1970-71. It depicts Donna Beck preparing to shoot. Beck was a four-sports athlete at Wooster, lettering in basketball, volleyball, field hockey and lacrosse. She was in the 'W' Association HOF. Beck was…


Women's Tennis Team State Champs, 1977-1978

This image depicts an article captioned "Women's Tennis Team State Champs." The photo was of the 1978 Women's Tennis Team. Kneeling from the left are: Nina Gordon, Audi Wynn, and Loraine Wilder. Standing are: Coach Maria Sexton, Fran Kielbowicz, Pam…


View of Pool During a Women's Swim Meet, 1975-1976

This is a view of Timken Pool during a women's swim meet in 1975-76. The teams can be seen sitting along the bench area along the deck. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.