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Nan Nichols, 1962-63

The photograph above is of Nan Nichols, who was women's Physical Education staff. This may have been Nichols first year on the staff. She is shown on the spiral staircase that leads down to Severance pool. She became the first basketball and swimming…


Women Playing Basketball and Volleyball, 1944-45

The left photo depicts a woman is shooting a free throw at the foul line, while five other women are standing at the lane lines. All were dressed in shirts and shorts. They were most likely playing six-player basketball: only so many players are…


Girls playing softball in quad.

The photo is of girls playing softball in the quad. This photo was in an activities section. The women were most likely participating in intramurals or a gym class. The batter was hitting left-handed. The catcher had a catching glove, mask, and chest…


Golf, 1934-35

In the image above is of four women facing a fifth, all with golf clubs in hand. The women look like they were too close to swing, so this photo was most likely posted. This group could be a class or a club group. All were in skirts and blouses. The…


Four Women Archers Shooting at Targets, 1926-1927

This photo of four women archers is at the bottom of the introductory page for Women's Athletics. The top of the page has a drawing of an archer. These women were all dressed in knickers or bloomers, long stockings and tops. All have their bows…


Women Golfers Putting on L.C. Boles, 1940-41

This is a photo of women in golf, from Left to right: Gwen Polen, Ruth Gensbigler, Doris Bennett. Three women were on a green, putting. Three balls can be seen on the green. The one farthest from the hole is putting, while one looks on and one holds…


Annual Exhibition Program, Women Gym Aides

The annual Exhibition Program by the Women Gym Aides for March 26, 1915, at 8:15 PM. Three groups of women performed in the program: preps, freshmen, and advanced, as well as combined groups. President Holden presented W's in the form of crossed…


Women's Physical Education Program, 1953-1954

Dr. Maria Sexton department head and Mrs. William Rice joined Miss Buccalo and Miss Toops to fill the staff. A variety of activities were provided as required freshman and sophomore courses, opportunities to learn, improve and enjoy motor skills:…


Women Playing Volleyball, 1942-43

Wooster Co-eds mobilized with Red Cross Life Saving Classes and the Council for Physical Fitness. This is a photo of women playing volleyball. All were wearing one piece gym suits with skirts, and shorts or bloomers underneath. There were seven women…


Women's Physical Education Department, 1951-52

The picture is of the Women's Physical Education Department in 1951-52. Miss Mary Buccalo, Miss Kathleen Lowrie, Miss Margaret Buck, Miss Geraldine Toops. This later became Kathleen Lowrie's last year at Wooster, having begun her career in 1921. Mary…