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Nan Nichols, 1962-63

The photograph above is of Nan Nichols, who was women's Physical Education staff. This may have been Nichols first year on the staff. She is shown on the spiral staircase that leads down to Severance pool. She became the first basketball and swimming…


Baseball Field and Severance Football Stadium, 1964-65

The image above is a color photo of the Baseball Stadium and the Football Stadium from the hill behind the baseball stadium. A football game appears to be in progress as the stands are filled and teams can be seen on the field.


Sharks Prepare to Enter the Pool, 1965-66

The Sharks were a synchronized swimming group sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. This photo shows the women posed on the edge of the pool, ready to enter for a routine. The women are dressed in a one piece swimsuit with an additional…


Orchesis, 1963-1964

The photo is of Orchesis, a modern dance organization sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. The image was captioned "Girls let off steam in a variety of activities sponsored by WRA." and "Co-education applies to sports, too!" Two female…


Girls playing softball in quad.

The photo is of girls playing softball in the quad. This photo was in an activities section. The women were most likely participating in intramurals or a gym class. The batter was hitting left-handed. The catcher had a catching glove, mask, and chest…


First Season for Girls' Volleyball, 1966-67

The image above is of the girls' volleyball team. Believe it or not, it was a varsity sport for the girls on the Hill. And believe it or not, for the first season they bounced up a winning record of 4-2. Carolyn Hole was team captain, and a fine play…


Ginny Hunt Demonstrates a Skill, 1963-1964

The image above is of Coach Ginny Hunt and another woman who appeared to be demonstrating a skill. Both were using long-toed English field hockey sticks. Hunt, on the left, had hers in a reverse stick position. Peggy Osborn and Nancy Riddle stand…


Basketball Team on Bench, 1962-63

The photo is of the 1962-63 Wooster Women's basketball team, players on the bench during a contest. Coach Nan Nichols can be seen at the far left end. Ginny Hunt is seen seated above at the scorer's table, far right. This team would have been one of…


Campus Photo in Color, 1965-66

This image is a color photo of the Wooster campus during the 1965-66 academic year. The old Gymnasium had been removed beside Kauke. Hoover Cottage was still in place. The P.E.C. had not yet been started. The baseball field was still down in the bowl…


Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1966

This is a drawing of the proposed new gymnasium. The P.E.C.'s new buildings were coming and others near completion. The new gymnasium, the student union, the biology building, the new section buildings, and the speech building were all fresh…