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First Season for Girls' Volleyball, 1966-67

The image above is of the girls' volleyball team. Believe it or not, it was a varsity sport for the girls on the Hill. And believe it or not, for the first season they bounced up a winning record of 4-2. Carolyn Hole was team captain, and a fine play…


Varsity Basketball, 1934-35

The photo collage detail above is of the varsity basketball of the academic 1934-45. The Honorary Varsity team was chosen from the upper-class women who were members of the class basketball teams. Seven women are shown standing in two rows. Viola…


Golf Club, 1937-1938

The women in the Golf Club were Eva Shorb, Dotty Miller, Delmar Tooker, Ruth Hazeltine, Jeanne Simmonds, Pat Kelley, Virginia Blair, Ruth Wyllie, Harriet McGillivry, Marcia Main, and Carol Tornebaum. One of the women in the golf club, Eva Shorb, was…


W.S.A. Executive Board in W.S.A. Cabin, 1936-37

The six women, in the photograph, were gathered around a burning fire in a large fireplace in the cabin. Candles and oil lamp can be seen to light the interior, as well as natural light from windows. The name change to W.S.A. had only lasted a year…


Alpha Alexander Crashes in for a Shot, 1974

This is a photo of Alpha Alexander (#24) crashing the lane. Teammate Cheryl Conway (#12) can also be seen in the background. Alexander went on to win many awards for her work with women's sports after graduating from Wooster. Among them was the NCAA…


Annie Baird Bumps Ball, Volleyball, 1972-73

The picture features, junior Annie Baird was bumping the volleyball. This was one of three photos on two pages for the 1972 Women's Volleyball team.The caption on the page was:"Volleyball: A game, usually played in a gymnasium, the object of which is…


Women's Athletic Association, 1974-1975

This group photo of the Women's Athletic Association had members posing with Dr. Maria Sexton outside the Physical Education Association. Among this group were future W Association Hall of Fame inductees Alpha Alexander, Brenda Meese, and Maria…


Geraldine Toops & Virginia Hunt, 1962-63

This is a photograph of Geraldine Toops & Virginia Hunt [right], members of the Women's Physical Education staff in 1962-63. This was Virginia Hunt's first year at Wooster. She later went on to start the first varsity Field Hockey (1965) and…


Volleyball Team Gathers Around Coach Hunt During Practice, 1973

This image depicts the varsity volleyball team gathered around Coach Virginia Hunt during a practice in the fall of 1973. Identified from left to right are: Janice Wong, Coach Ginny Hunt, Alpha Alexander, Meg Meeker, Judy Donaldson [hidden], Cindy…


Varsity Field Hockey Action Shot, Linda Fullhart, 1971

The image above is an action shot of Virginia Hunt officiating a Wooster field hockey game while senior captain Linda Fullhart (1972) is about to strike the ball. Hunt, a "W" Association Hall of Fame inductee, was the first varsity field hockey…