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Women Playing Basketball and Volleyball, 1944-45

The left photo depicts a woman is shooting a free throw at the foul line, while five other women are standing at the lane lines. All were dressed in shirts and shorts. They were most likely playing six-player basketball: only so many players are…


Basketball Team on Bench, 1962-63

The photo is of the 1962-63 Wooster Women's basketball team, players on the bench during a contest. Coach Nan Nichols can be seen at the far left end. Ginny Hunt is seen seated above at the scorer's table, far right. This team would have been one of…


Black and Gold Basketball Teams, 1927-1928

The photo above is of six gold team and five black team members -one must be missing as they did play six a side. The players in the top row were in light tops with dark scarves and the bottom row players were in dark tops with light scarves. All had…


Girl's Class Basket Ball Champions, 1904-1905

This picture is a team photo of girl's class champion basketball team for 1904-1905 and junior class of 1906. One woman in white shirt, most likely manager. Six players in dark outfits shown standing and sitting. The player in center back held the…