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Severance Stadium and Football Field, 1950-51

The image above was a cover page for athletics. It is an aerial view of Severance Stadium and Football Field from the east during a football game. There was a fence around the field, but the tall fence was no longer around the whole facility. It is…


Campus Photo in Color, 1965-66

This image is a color photo of the Wooster campus during the 1965-66 academic year. The old Gymnasium had been removed beside Kauke. Hoover Cottage was still in place. The P.E.C. had not yet been started. The baseball field was still down in the bowl…


Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1906

The image above is an iIllustration of the newly proposed gymnasium at the time. This appears to be a drawing of what Severance Gymnasium would look like. Note the four castle-like structures on the corners, and the entrance on the end of the…


Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1966

This is a drawing of the proposed new gymnasium. The P.E.C.'s new buildings were coming and others near completion. The new gymnasium, the student union, the biology building, the new section buildings, and the speech building were all fresh…


Women Golfers Putting on L.C. Boles, 1940-41

This is a photo of women in golf, from Left to right: Gwen Polen, Ruth Gensbigler, Doris Bennett. Three women were on a green, putting. Three balls can be seen on the green. The one farthest from the hole is putting, while one looks on and one holds…


Holden Hall, 1907

This is a photograph of Holden Hall. The second facility on campus able to house women. The capacity of 100. The ground was broken in 1906, and dorm completed in 1907 at a cost of $60,000 and furnished for $40,000. Over half, the sum was provided by…


Photograph of the Gymnasium, 1906-1907

The image above is a photograph of the gymnasium, 1906-07. Kauke can be seen in the background along side with some trees.


Photo of Exterior of New Severance Gymnasium, 1911-1912

The photograph is of the exterior part of the new gymnasium. The Gym was modeled after the Smith College Gymnasium, which was common at this time. It had an interior track above a basketball court. Ropes, bucks, and exercise bars can be seen around…


Hoover Cottage, 1896-1897

This is a photograph of the exterior of Hoover Cottage, the first living space on campus for women. This facility allowed more women to be students at the college since they didn't traditionally board away from home, as the men did. Old Main can be…


Photograph of First Campus Gymnasium, 1893-1894

This a photograph of the first campus gymnasium. It appears rectangular with raised center area with windows above the first roof line. There also appears to be three chimneys on each side with multiple doorways or entrances alongside the building.…