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Baseball Field and Severance Football Stadium, 1964-65

The image above is a color photo of the Baseball Stadium and the Football Stadium from the hill behind the baseball stadium. A football game appears to be in progress as the stands are filled and teams can be seen on the field.


Women's Track Team, 1979-1980

The image above is of the women's track team photo, 1979-1980. The team photo has captions identifying the team members. Results were also listed on this page. The head coach was listed as Bruce Hunter. This may be the first varsity team or a club…


Freshmen Cheerleaders, 1957-1958

The caption of the photograph: 'W-o-o-s-t-e-r W-o-o-s-t-e-r W-o-o-s-t-e-r GO!' This is a photo of five women in plaid kilts, sweaters with a megaphone letter, containing their class year-61, in the center. All were wearing sneakers. From left to…

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

This is the sports Cover Page for 1967-68. While this section on sports includes both men's and women's teams, only men's sports and one photo of a cheerleader were represented in this collage of action photos. The word "SPORTS" was on the initial…