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Three Field Hockey Players Work the Ball Down the Field, 1981-82

The image above is of three Wooster field hockey players advancing the ball down the field during a game. Three defenders can be seen in the background. The women are seen wearing plaid kilts, blouse, long socks, shin guards and soccer cleats. The…


Class Managers for the Big Six Programs in 1923-1924

The image above is a page that shows the photos of each group of Class Managers for the Big Six Activities: Hockey, Hiking, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, and Track. The class managers are in charge of organizing their class team's practices…


Coach Robin Chambers Talks with Joanne Olson, 1975-76

The image above depicts field hockey Coach Robin Chambers talking with Senior Joanne Olson during the 1975 season. Olson later was selected to the HOF for her play in both field hockey and lacrosse. Coach Chambers is wearing slacks with a vest on top…


Co-ed Champs, 1929-1930

The image above is of the co-ed champs collage. The five photos in the collage are 1. Archery with a large group of women with bows near the hockey field [goal in the background.] 2. Woman standing with a golf club. 3. Seven women on the hockey field…


Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32

This is a picture of the Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32. This was the year an honorary varsity team was chosen from the two upper-class teams. Mary Jane Paumier was the elected captain. An all-star freshman team was formed also from the two…


The Defense Corner Unit, 1998-1999

The image is of the defense penalty corner unit leaving the cage. Players from left to right are Jen Hayman at the cover, GK Melissa Goodwin, Kate Dunne at the fly, and Jeanine Edmonds on the post. The fifth player, the trail, is not visible behind…


Field Hockey Team, 1975-1976

This picture is a team photo of the 1975 Field Hockey Team. This team participated in the very first National Championship in Field Hockey, which was sponsored by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women and the United States Field…


Melinda Weaver, Field Hockey Action Shot 1971

The picture is a field hockey action shot of freshman Melinda Weaver going to the ball. The opponents were wearing tunics, while Wooster players are in kilts. Weaver, class of 1975, was in the "W" Association Hall of Fame for her outstanding career…


Ginny Hunt Demonstrates a Skill, 1963-1964

The image above is of Coach Ginny Hunt and another woman who appeared to be demonstrating a skill. Both were using long-toed English field hockey sticks. Hunt, on the left, had hers in a reverse stick position. Peggy Osborn and Nancy Riddle stand…


Field Hockey, 1934-35

The photo collage detail is of the field hockey team, 1934-35. Ten women were standing on the steps of Severance Gymnasium holding their sticks and wearing two piece gym suites. The people on the top row were Abbott, Gillam, Clark, Bannan, March.…