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Keller and Stevens on the Run, 1987-1988

The image above is of Katie Keller (121) and Linda Stevens (124) as they lead their team during a race. The Women's and Men's cross country teams were both the 1987 NCAC Champions. This was the first cross country championship for the women. Keller…


Run Baby: Sandy Tecklenburg Smokes the Competition, 1998-1999

The image above is captioned "Run Baby: Sandy Tecklenburg (#225) Smokes the Competition." Tecklenburg can be seen running a corner of the course. She was caught mid stride. Tecklenburg is seen wearing singlet and shorts.The administrative head at the…


Coach Rise Shares Strategy with Moorefield, 1993 - 1994

The image above is of Coach Rice taking a moment to explain a strategy to Emily Moorefield. Moorefield was an All American and in the W Association HOF. She was also an extraordinary potter, opening Moorefield Pottery Shop in Wooster following her…


NCAC Women's Cross Country Champions, 1987-1988

The image above is of the women's cross country team, 1987-1988. The back row depicts Craig Penny (Coach), Katie Keller (HOF), Robyn Sommer, Patty Smanik, Kristy Bender, Stephanie Scierka. And the front row depicts Beth Toole, Angela Sinopoli, Meghan…


Cross Country Team Photo, 1982-1983

The image above is of the cross-country team of the academic year 1982-1983. The front row depicts Amy Cilimburg, Mandy Burr, Liz Moron, Kelley Benko, Theresa DeGuzman. And the back row depicts Coach Craig Penny, Jean Donowski, Debbie Lewis, Bev…


Moorefield Blows Past Opponent, 1993-1994

Wooster’s Top female runner Emily Moorefield (199) , is seen blowing past an opponent. It is a great action photo of All-American Emily Moorefield. She was a member of the W Association Hall of Fame. Her uniform includes a singlet, shorts, and…


Patty Smanik Leads her Teammate, 1984-85

This photo features, "Two Wooster runners on the course." Cross Country runner Patty Smanik leads teammate Cathy Lovell. "A rebuilding year with the loss of four of our seven runners, but all was not lost. Freshman Patty Smanik (Berea, Ohio) was one…


Women's Cross Country Team, 1980-1981

The picture features the Team Photo of the Women's Cross Country Team in the academic year of 1980-81. The individuals in the photo were seen wearing practice clothing: t-shirts and shorts. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

This is the sports Cover Page for 1967-68. While this section on sports includes both men's and women's teams, only men's sports and one photo of a cheerleader were represented in this collage of action photos. The word "SPORTS" was on the initial…