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Cartoon of Scottish Lass Catching Baseball, 1946-47

The drawing above is of a man and woman dressed in Scottish clothing. The Man is swinging at and missing a baseball as the woman catches it. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Detail: Drawing of girls basketball exhibition- March 20, 1903

The image above is a detail of illustration from 1902-1903 calendar of a girl's exhibition basketball game between Hoover Cottage and the Wooster Girls. The drawing shows seven women wearing sailor style tops with scarfs and skirts to just above…


Drawing of Campus, 1919-1920

The image above is a drawing of campus at the time. Severance Gymnasium is prominent in the center back with the football field behind it. The old Gymnasium is barely visible between Kauke and the Chapel, in a grove of trees. The Observatory and…


Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1906

The image above is an iIllustration of the newly proposed gymnasium at the time. This appears to be a drawing of what Severance Gymnasium would look like. Note the four castle-like structures on the corners, and the entrance on the end of the…


Cover Page, Girls' Athletics, 1919-1920.

This is the Cover Page for Girl's Athletics, 1919-1920. There is a drawing of a young woman in a bathing suit appearing to be leaning backward, to dive. She was centered in front of a circle with Girls' Athletics behind her. It was much less complex…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1917-1918

This is the cover page for Women's Athletics, 1917-1918. Drawing of three women in the background: one with a ball (football, rugby or basketball), one with hockey stick or golf club, and one with a tennis racquet. All were dressed in sailor tops,…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1918-1919

The image above was a cover page for Women's Athletics, 1918-1919. It had the letters "W" with the letters B (Basketball), H (Hockey, Hiking), S (Swimming), and T (Track, Tennis) placed on it, and a chevron across it. The letters were being given for…


Cover Page for Athletics, 1903-1904

This was a cover page for athletics, 1903-1904. It illustrated a man and a woman playing tennis in the upper left-hand corner. The word "Athletics" was written across the center of the image. A woman was swinging a golf club in the bottom right-hand…