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Shirley Fry Demonstrates a Return Shot, 1951-52

The photo depicts Shirley Fry, runner-up in the National Women's Amateur Tennis Tournament, demonstrating a return shot. Miss Fry, who lived in Akron, came for a tennis clinic sponsored by the WAA board. This photo is in a section titled: " 'The…


First Varsity Tennis Team for Women, 1970-1971

This is a photo of Wooster's First Women's Varsity Tennis Team. From left to right, the players were: Liz Pease, Peggy Brooks, Pat Vittum, Ann Singleton, Diana Wescott, Judy Donaldson, and Becky McNeese. Playing for the first year as a varsity sport,…


Tennis is One of the Most Popular Girl's Sports," 1952-1953

The picture features, two women engaged in doubles tennis. Tennis was one of the most popular girl's sports. Gail Henry and Nancy Geiger volley with two friends across the net. This photo was in a section titled "Girls participate in Sports, Too!"…

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

This is the sports Cover Page for 1967-68. While this section on sports includes both men's and women's teams, only men's sports and one photo of a cheerleader were represented in this collage of action photos. The word "SPORTS" was on the initial…