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Play Ball! , 1926-1927

In the photo, a woman is seen holding a baseball bat with a second woman behind her in a crouch, ready to catch the incoming ball. Several women were in the background to the right watching the action. All of the women were wearing skirts or dresses,…


They're Off: Women diving into Severance Pool, 1941-42

In the photo above captioned "THEY'RE OFF", aqua-loving co-eds populate the pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In the picture Jane Elliott, Margaret Gibbons, Donna Doerr, and Ruth Whitson get off to a start for a freestyle race. Great photo of…


Cover Page, Girls' Athletics, 1919-1920.

This is the Cover Page for Girl's Athletics, 1919-1920. There is a drawing of a young woman in a bathing suit appearing to be leaning backward, to dive. She was centered in front of a circle with Girls' Athletics behind her. It was much less complex…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1920-21

The picture features the Women's Athletics, 1920-21. The Cover page had a drawing by Elizabeth Fischer. The drawing depicts three women at a wall lounging in 1920's style clothing. The woman in the center wore W C sweater with a skirt or bloomers,…


Volleyball Team Gathers Around Coach Hunt During Practice, 1973

This image depicts the varsity volleyball team gathered around Coach Virginia Hunt during a practice in the fall of 1973. Identified from left to right are: Janice Wong, Coach Ginny Hunt, Alpha Alexander, Meg Meeker, Judy Donaldson [hidden], Cindy…


Berenice F. Wikoff, Director of Physical Education for Women

This is an image of Berenice F. Wikoff, Director of Physical Education for Women from 1912-1916. She had a Bachelor of Science in Domestic Science. She also was the Director of Physical Training for Women at Ohio State University in 1912 and a member…


Athletics & Physical Education Department Staff, 1913-1914

This a photo of Wooster Athletic Director, Clarence Childs the coach of Football, Basket Ball, and Baseball, Emery Bauer the physical director of Men and Track Coach and Miss Berenice Wikoff the physical director of Women. Wikoff also served as an…