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Detail: Drawing of girls basketball exhibition- March 20, 1903

The image above is a detail of illustration from 1902-1903 calendar of a girl's exhibition basketball game between Hoover Cottage and the Wooster Girls. The drawing shows seven women wearing sailor style tops with scarfs and skirts to just above…


Action Shot of Women Playing Tennis- Detail 1900-1901

The image above is a first action photograph of women participating in sport. It shows four women playing doubles in lawn tennis. there were several women standing and sitting along the edges watching. Lawn Tennis Court appears to be among trees.…


Photograph of First Campus Gymnasium, 1893-1894

This a photograph of the first campus gymnasium. It appears rectangular with raised center area with windows above the first roof line. There also appears to be three chimneys on each side with multiple doorways or entrances alongside the building.…