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Baseball Field and Severance Football Stadium, 1964-65

The image above is a color photo of the Baseball Stadium and the Football Stadium from the hill behind the baseball stadium. A football game appears to be in progress as the stands are filled and teams can be seen on the field.


Severance Stadium and Football Field, 1950-51

The image above was a cover page for athletics. It is an aerial view of Severance Stadium and Football Field from the east during a football game. There was a fence around the field, but the tall fence was no longer around the whole facility. It is…


The New Athletic Field, 1914-15

The collage above depicts photos of The New Athletic Field. The top photo is of the Grandstands. This photo shows the baseball stands that were built into the Northwest corner of the bowl, where the Scot Center is now. The baseball field was located…


Drawing of Campus, 1919-1920

The image above is a drawing of campus at the time. Severance Gymnasium is prominent in the center back with the football field behind it. The old Gymnasium is barely visible between Kauke and the Chapel, in a grove of trees. The Observatory and…


Diagram for Severance Athletic Field, 1914

The image above is a diagram for the new L.H. Severance Athletic Field, which was under construction in its current location. Every form of equipment for athletics had been provided for. Space was proposed for baseball, track, football, stadium,…


Louis H. Severance, Trustee

This is a photo of Mr. Louis H. Severance. The photo was accompanied with a poem-In Loving Memory. The photo was found in between p. 6 & 7. He was a trustee from NY, and the president of Board of Trustees when he died June 25, 1913. Severance…


Campus Layout Photo, 1923-1924

This aerial photo shows the campus layout in 1922. Tennis courts can be seen on both sides of Beall Avenue. In addition, the old Gymnasium is also visible to the west of Kauke. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Old Gymnasium and Power Plant, 1929-1930

This photo shows the old Gymnasium with the power plant and a water tower behind it. This Gymnasium was replaced by Severance Gymnasium in 1912 and had been used as a maintenance building and for storage. The administrative head at the time was…


Illustrated Map of Campus, 1929-30

This illustrated a map of the campus was on the inside cover of the 1931 Index. It did a great job of showing the locations of the old Gymnasium, the Power Plant and the Water Tower that had been in previous facility photos. It also shows the newer…


Aerial Photo of Severance Gymnasium, 1941-42

The photograph is an aerial view of severance gymnasium. Severance Gymnasium was the seat of Wooster's physical education and athletic program. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.