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Orchesis, 1963-1964

The photo is of Orchesis, a modern dance organization sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. The image was captioned "Girls let off steam in a variety of activities sponsored by WRA." and "Co-education applies to sports, too!" Two female…


Orchesis Dancers Practice for Show, 1955-1956

In the image above is of Marty Klippert, Marilou Harris, Jo Bruce, and Harriet Winfield practice in their typical leotards for the Orchesis show. The modern dancers added bright costumes and appropriate music for the final production in the spring.…


Orchesis is Formed, 1948-49

An innovation in the W.A.A. this year was the formation of a modern dance club or orchesis society. Nancy Fischer was the first manager and took responsibility for much of the initial organization work. The first row depicts; L. Martin, Burt, Howard,…


Natural Dancing, 1932-33

The image above shows women natural dancing on the newly finished floor of Athenia, which had many followers this year. Numerous dances, of which the pose pictured is characteristic, added to the interest manifested by the girls of the three…


Orchesis Performing, 1949-50

Orchesis, the modern dance honorary, was organized for aspiring “Martha Grahams.” In March, the 40 members presented a recital with a holiday theme. Membership was made by election following tryouts. Experience may be gained in the apprentice group.…


Orchesis and Girl's Sports, 1952-1953

"Girls Participate in Sports Too!" , was a photo of Orchesis, a dance group lead by Mary J. Buccal and sponsored by W.A.A., shows the women performing. Three women in leotards and dance skirts were in in identical poses in a triangle."Early last…