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The Athletic Council, 1918-19

The photo of the Athletic Council, 1918-19, shows a group of six women, waist up, all dressed in dark sailor tops with white scarfs. The women were the managers of six major sports: hockey, track, hiking, basketball, swimming, and tennis. It was the…


The WC Girls, 1919-1920

This photograph is of six WC Girls, wearing their WC letter sweaters. Their names were not listed. These women had earned their WC through participation in Women's Athletic Board activities. The emphasis for the women was on participation and…


W.S.A. Executive Board in W.S.A. Cabin, 1936-37

The six women, in the photograph, were gathered around a burning fire in a large fireplace in the cabin. Candles and oil lamp can be seen to light the interior, as well as natural light from windows. The name change to W.S.A. had only lasted a year…


Women's Athletics Association, 1988 - 1989

The image above shows, the Women's Athletics Association, of the academic year 1988 - 1989. The purpose of the Women’s Athletic Association (W.A.A.) was to support all women athletes on campus. W.A.A. had their support to include the intramural…


The W.A.A. Board, 1933-34

The photo shows twelve women of The W.A.A. Board(1933-34) on the steps of Severance Gymnasium. They were sitting in three rows. The caption below lists Irving, Babcock, Ricksecker, Hayward, Startzman, Cunnignham, Miller, Balentine, Roberts, Graff,…


Women's Athletic Association, 1974-1975

This group photo of the Women's Athletic Association had members posing with Dr. Maria Sexton outside the Physical Education Association. Among this group were future W Association Hall of Fame inductees Alpha Alexander, Brenda Meese, and Maria…


Women's Athletic Board, 1919-1920

This is a photo of the Women's Athletic Board. It features Frances Dillon (1922), Estella Jackson (1920), Fannie Wright (1920), Sarah Barlow (1920), Elizabeth Morrow (1920), Miss Ruth Conrow (Director of Physical Education) and Ruth Whittlesey…


Girl's Athletic Association, 1929-1930

This is a photo of the Girl's Athletic Association. This was a year a new organization, The Girls' Athletic Association, had been started to enable girls interested in athletics to come together socially as well as athletically. It was open to all…


W.A.A. Board, 1934-35

This is a photo of W.A.A. Board, 1934-35. Thirteen women with skis, sleds, and skates were gathered in two rows on the snow. Top: Clark, Roberts, J. Miller, Dodez, Graff, P. Baillie, Siegfried. Kneeling or sitting: Startzman, Cady, Lantz, Ciltman, A.…


The Big Six Board, W.C. Association, and Cup Winners, 1929-1930

This image features the Big Six Board, the W.C. Association, and the Silver Cup winners. In charge of the various fields of athletics open to women is the Big Six Board. It was composed of girls chosen to represent each branch of sport, and…