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W.R.A. Cabin, 1957-58

This was the Women's Recreation Association Cabin from 1957-58. The photo shows an outside view of the cabin with the windows open. It appears to be on blocks above the ground and also on a flat area at the base of a hill. This cabin became a popular…


Aerial Photo of Severance Gymnasium, 1941-42

The photograph is an aerial view of severance gymnasium. Severance Gymnasium was the seat of Wooster's physical education and athletic program. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Armington Physical Education Center, 1986-87

In the picture, Armington Physical Education Center could be seen from the west. It was known as, "The home of the Fighting Scot and Scottie basketball teams as well as volleyball and swimming." The office pod on the right was removed in March of…


Interior View of New Gymnasium, 1911-12

The photograph depicts the interior view of new L.H.Severance Gymnasium. The Gym was modeled after the Smith College Gymnasium, which was common at this time. It had an interior track above a basketball court. Ropes, bucks, and exercise bars can be…