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Action shot of men playing football 1900-1901

This image is the first action shot of men participating in athletics in the Index. The photo depicts men playing football on the athletic field. The youths are in knickers in the foreground. And the stands are in the background. The crowd can be…


Photo Collage "On the Campus" 1900-1901

The image above is a photo collage captioned "on the campus." The gymnasium is shown in two photographs. The first image is an action shot in the index of students participating in sport. The other photograph is of men playing football. The first…


Detail: Drawing of girls basketball exhibition- March 20, 1903

The image above is a detail of illustration from 1902-1903 calendar of a girl's exhibition basketball game between Hoover Cottage and the Wooster Girls. The drawing shows seven women wearing sailor style tops with scarfs and skirts to just above…


Lynn W. St. John, First Athletic Director at Wooster, 1902-1909

The image above is of Lynn W. St. John, Ph.B. 1908. A Laboratory Assistant in Biology and Director of Athletics from 1902 to 1909, St. John would later leave Wooster for Ohio Wesleyan University in order to replace Branch Rickey while Rickey was on…


Drawing of Proposed New Gymnasium, 1906

The image above is an iIllustration of the newly proposed gymnasium at the time. This appears to be a drawing of what Severance Gymnasium would look like. Note the four castle-like structures on the corners, and the entrance on the end of the…


Holden Hall, 1907

This is a photograph of Holden Hall. The second facility on campus able to house women. The capacity of 100. The ground was broken in 1906, and dorm completed in 1907 at a cost of $60,000 and furnished for $40,000. Over half, the sum was provided by…


Photograph of the Gymnasium, 1906-1907

The image above is a photograph of the gymnasium, 1906-07. Kauke can be seen in the background along side with some trees.


Cover Page for Athletics, 1903-1904

This was a cover page for athletics, 1903-1904. It illustrated a man and a woman playing tennis in the upper left-hand corner. The word "Athletics" was written across the center of the image. A woman was swinging a golf club in the bottom right-hand…


Cecelia Forney Remy, Hoover Cottage Basketball Team

The image above is a head shot of Cecelia Forney Remy of Mansfield [#7]. It was in the class section of junior class photos [Class of 1904], 4th page. Miss Remy was the center for the Hoover Cottage Girls Basketball Team, as noted on page 97 of the…


Action Shot of Women Playing Tennis- Detail 1900-1901

The image above is a first action photograph of women participating in sport. It shows four women playing doubles in lawn tennis. there were several women standing and sitting along the edges watching. Lawn Tennis Court appears to be among trees.…