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Class Managers for the Big Six Programs in 1923-1924

The image above is a page that shows the photos of each group of Class Managers for the Big Six Activities: Hockey, Hiking, Tennis, Basketball, Swimming, and Track. The class managers are in charge of organizing their class team's practices…


Women's Athletics, Atalanta and the Golden Apples, 1925-1926

The illustration that leads this section on Women's Athletics shows the Greek Myth of Atalanta and Hippomenes. Atalanta was abandoned at birth and raised by a she-bear, then hunters who found her. She became a great hunter and a fast runner. But…


Play Ball! , 1926-1927

In the photo, a woman is seen holding a baseball bat with a second woman behind her in a crouch, ready to catch the incoming ball. Several women were in the background to the right watching the action. All of the women were wearing skirts or dresses,…


Women's Athletics, 1926-1927

This page acts as an introduction to the section on Women's Athletics. It follows Men's Athletics, specifically the section on Men's Intramural, and Men's Inter-Section and Inter-Class Teams. The section opens with a drawing of a woman aiming at an…


Senior Photo: Mary Jean Buccalo, 1926-1927

The image above is a senior photo of Mary Jean Buccalo, 1926-27. Buccalo's photo was not among the juniors in the previous year. As a senior, she was a member of the Big Six and served as the Manager for Tennis. She was also selected to the Honorary…


Senior Class Champions in Basketball, 1922-1923

The image above is of the senior class basketball team of the academic year 1922-1923. This team won the class basketball championship that academic year. This photo is one of four on the page featuring all of the class basketball teams. The poem on…


Sophomore Field Hockey Team, Class Champions for 1922-1923

The image above is a class team photo of the 1922-23 Sophomore Field Hockey Team, who were the Class Champions that academic year. This was one of the four photos of class hockey teams on this page. The women are in two rows with their hockey sticks…


Four Women Archers Shooting at Targets, 1926-1927

This photo of four women archers is at the bottom of the introductory page for Women's Athletics. The top of the page has a drawing of an archer. These women were all dressed in knickers or bloomers, long stockings and tops. All have their bows…


The Athletic Council, 1918-19

The photo of the Athletic Council, 1918-19, shows a group of six women, waist up, all dressed in dark sailor tops with white scarfs. The women were the managers of six major sports: hockey, track, hiking, basketball, swimming, and tennis. It was the…


The WC Girls, 1919-1920

This photograph is of six WC Girls, wearing their WC letter sweaters. Their names were not listed. These women had earned their WC through participation in Women's Athletic Board activities. The emphasis for the women was on participation and…