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Varsity Volleyball Team, Time out with Coach Hunt, 1969

The photo is of Varsity Volleyball players #3, #11, and #18, surrounding Coach Virginia Hunt. Hunt was the first Volleyball coach at Wooster. This picture was taken during a time out. The first Ohio State Volleyball Tournament was held this winter at…


Senior Honorary Awards, 1940-41

In the academic year of 1940-41, the Senior Honorary Awards went to Margie Ellis (left) and Alfie Gabriel. This was the highest honor a girl can receive in the women's athletic department. The awards were made on the basis of participation in sports,…


Women's Physical Education Instructors on the Golf Course, 1941-42

This is a photo of the Women's Physical Education instructors on the Golf Course. Misses Jacobs, Buccalo, Saddler, and Lowrie were seen enjoying a round of golf on Wooster's excellent nine-hole course.Lowrie had been the head of the Women's Physical…