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Sharks Prepare to Enter the Pool, 1965-66

The Sharks were a synchronized swimming group sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. This photo shows the women posed on the edge of the pool, ready to enter for a routine. The women are dressed in a one piece swimsuit with an additional…


Sharks in Pool with Umbrellas, 1956-1957

The picture above depicts Katy Kerr, Suzie Miller, Jean King, Ginny Buck, Phoebe Frew, and Ann English, who had spent many long hours in the pool rehearsing for the Sharks review. The six women were holding umbrellas face the camera in the pool. They…


Sharks Form a Star, 1949-50

In the picture above is of the members of the Shark Club, who worked out a star formation in preparation for the Shark's Review. The Shark Club required more than average skill of its members. The crawl, side, back, and breast stokes were tested and…


Sharks and Intramural Swimming, 1955-1956

Sharks carefully select their members each year on strict criteria of grace and form. The annual synchronized swimming program is enthusiastically attended for three performances as the girls finally show the results of long practice. The intramural…


Sharks in Training, 1957-1958

This photo shows a long view of the pool with a number of women in different formations training. This was part of a two-page spread on the Sharks, the synchronized swimming group on campus. They were no longer placed in the section for WAA, now…


Sharks: Woman doing handstand on diving board, 1959-1960

This is a photograph of the Sharks synchronized swim team. A woman was doing a handstand on the diving board with three other women watching her in awe. The caption reads "Everybody's seen this 'headstand on the board' stunt, but the feat during the…