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Women's Physical Education Program, 1953-1954

Dr. Maria Sexton department head and Mrs. William Rice joined Miss Buccalo and Miss Toops to fill the staff. A variety of activities were provided as required freshman and sophomore courses, opportunities to learn, improve and enjoy motor skills:…


Miss Maria Sexton, 1965-66

The image above is a staff photo of Maria Sexton in 1965-66 in the Physical Education section of the faculty photos. Sexton had been the chair of the Women's Department of Physical Education for eleven years before the College combined the Men's and…


Women's Physical Education Department, 1951-52

The picture is of the Women's Physical Education Department in 1951-52. Miss Mary Buccalo, Miss Kathleen Lowrie, Miss Margaret Buck, Miss Geraldine Toops. This later became Kathleen Lowrie's last year at Wooster, having begun her career in 1921. Mary…