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Men's & Women's Swim Teams Cheer Together, 1995-96

The photo depicts men and women swim teams cheer together on the deck in Timken Pool. The photo shows the two teams around the diving board. There is a sign on the back that starts "Wooster Divers do it with a Twist." They are dressed in…


Diver Leaves the Board, 1974-75

The image depicts Wooster diver in the air, coming off of the one-meter board. Her teammates can be seen watching in the background. The diver appears to be in a swimsuit. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


It's the Laughter We will Remember, Swimming, 1973

This photo shows a swimmer who appears to be happy about something. It was captioned, "...it's the laughter, We will remember, Whenever we remember." This was the first varsity season of women's swimming. The swimmer appears to be dressed in a…


Aquascots Score Big, 1989-1990

Lady Scot is seen in the image, diving into the water on the way to another Scot triumph. The woman was still coiled as she prepares to dive into the pool. She had a swim cap on that says College of Wooster. Her uniform was a swimsuit. The…


Alison Hitchcock in the Pool, 1974-75

The photo features a swimmer Alison Hitchcock (in water) standing at the end of the pool as Dale Kennedy leaning down toward her from the deck. Wooster swimmers in striped suits can be seen in the pool and on the deck. The girls wore striped swimming…