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Freshmen Hockey Team, 1917-1918

The photograph features, the team photograph of the Freshmen Class Hockey Team. Individuals were dressed in sailor tops, scarfs, and bloomers with black stockings and athletic shoes. Coach Ruth Conrow was standing in the back row. The women in the…


Kathleen Lowrie, 1921-1922

The photograph is of Kathleen Lowrie, 1921-22. (Misspelled as Lowry in staff photo). Lowrie would serve as Chair of the Department of Women's Physical Education from 1921 until 1953. She would be responsible for building a strong recreational based…


Sophomore Hockey Team, 1917-1918

The image above is a team photo of the Sophomore Class Field Hockey Team from 1917-18. Coach Ruth Conrow is in the center back of the group, and all individuals are identified by name. This group was one of two Class Field Hockey Teams the women…


Ruth Conrow, Junior Class Photo 1918-19

This photo is of three women at the top of a page in the junior class section for the Index. The middle photo is of Ruth Conrow. A caption reads: "Ruth Hunt Conrow. Scientific. Riverton, N.J. Although she sits in the faculty gallery and not with us…