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W.A.A. Co-Rec Nights, 1950-51

The WAA co-rec nights in the gym offered a wide variety of entertainment. The pool was open for co-ed swimming, badminton and folk dancing compete in the gym. And volleyball is played fast and furiously in the cage, with the men always turning out…


It's the Laughter We will Remember, Swimming, 1973

This photo shows a swimmer who appears to be happy about something. It was captioned, "...it's the laughter, We will remember, Whenever we remember." This was the first varsity season of women's swimming. The swimmer appears to be dressed in a…


Anita Rodriguez Dives in During Intramural Swimming Meet, 1955-1956

The image above is captioned, "Just where Anita Rodriquez is headed no one knows, as she represents her team in the intramural swimming meet with great enthusiasm." The photo shows a woman diving into the pools as five other women look on. All…


Coach Rise Shares Strategy with Moorefield, 1993 - 1994

The image above is of Coach Rice taking a moment to explain a strategy to Emily Moorefield. Moorefield was an All American and in the W Association HOF. She was also an extraordinary potter, opening Moorefield Pottery Shop in Wooster following her…


Sharks Prepare to Enter the Pool, 1965-66

The Sharks were a synchronized swimming group sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. This photo shows the women posed on the edge of the pool, ready to enter for a routine. The women are dressed in a one piece swimsuit with an additional…


Debby Stockham, Softball and Volleyball Coach, 1984-85

The image above was titled; "People Make a Difference." Debbie Stockham was the women’s softball and volleyball coach, 1984-85 season. Stockham is seen wearing softball coaching outfit. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


Coach Gerri Knortz, 1980-81

In the picture above Women's Softball Coach Gerri Knortz is seen looking on. Knortz also coached volleyball. Knortz is seen wearing a baseball cap and jacket. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


Women's Soccer Players After Game Discussion, 1993-1994

The image above features part of the women’s soccer team as they engage in a discussion after games. The three women stand in a row. All American Goal Keeper Lisa Hall is seen on the far right. The women are dressed jerseys and shorts. The…


Coach Cowles Talking to the Team, 1989-1990

The image above features Nick Cowles, head of women's soccer coach, as he is leaning in to talk to his team. He is seen wearing a sweatshirt, and sweatpants. The administrative head as Nan Nichlos.


Orchesis Performing, 1949-50

Orchesis, the modern dance honorary, was organized for aspiring “Martha Grahams.” In March, the 40 members presented a recital with a holiday theme. Membership was made by election following tryouts. Experience may be gained in the apprentice group.…