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W.A.A. Golf Club, 1948-49

The golf club, under the management of Barbara Hough (left), sponsors individual and team play and offers to learn opportunities for beginners. Here Barb started out for an afternoon on the college course with Nancy Slep and Betty Evans. The three…


Golf, 1934-35

In the image above is of four women facing a fifth, all with golf clubs in hand. The women look like they were too close to swing, so this photo was most likely posted. This group could be a class or a club group. All were in skirts and blouses. The…


Reading Left to Right-15 Duffers, 1932-33

The image above is captioned "Reading Left to Right- 15 Duffers." This photo is part of a collage of photos. A line of men and two women (in the center) were all posed looking at the camera, each with a golf club extended out in front of them. Coach…


Co-ed Champs, 1929-1930

The image above is of the co-ed champs collage. The five photos in the collage are 1. Archery with a large group of women with bows near the hockey field [goal in the background.] 2. Woman standing with a golf club. 3. Seven women on the hockey field…


Golf Club, 1937-1938

The women in the Golf Club were Eva Shorb, Dotty Miller, Delmar Tooker, Ruth Hazeltine, Jeanne Simmonds, Pat Kelley, Virginia Blair, Ruth Wyllie, Harriet McGillivry, Marcia Main, and Carol Tornebaum. One of the women in the golf club, Eva Shorb, was…


Four Women on Golf Course at Country Club, 1914-1915

This photo features four women on a golf course between two greens. The flags for the two holes were visible. The college power plant, the Gymnasium, and Kauke can be seen in the background above, on the hill. This appears to be at the location for…


Women's Physical Education Instructors on the Golf Course, 1941-42

This is a photo of the Women's Physical Education instructors on the Golf Course. Misses Jacobs, Buccalo, Saddler, and Lowrie were seen enjoying a round of golf on Wooster's excellent nine-hole course.Lowrie had been the head of the Women's Physical…


Stopping for A Chat at the Golf Course, 1950-51

Golf was another popular spring and fall sport. On the nine-hole course with some clubs and a few balls, an afternoon of fun and relaxation was ahead. Under the leadership of Miss Buccalo, the golf club met several times a week when the girls…


Women Golfers Putting on L.C. Boles, 1940-41

This is a photo of women in golf, from Left to right: Gwen Polen, Ruth Gensbigler, Doris Bennett. Three women were on a green, putting. Three balls can be seen on the green. The one farthest from the hole is putting, while one looks on and one holds…


Cover Page for Athletics, 1903-1904

This was a cover page for athletics, 1903-1904. It illustrated a man and a woman playing tennis in the upper left-hand corner. The word "Athletics" was written across the center of the image. A woman was swinging a golf club in the bottom right-hand…