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Orchesis, 1963-1964

The photo is of Orchesis, a modern dance organization sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. The image was captioned "Girls let off steam in a variety of activities sponsored by WRA." and "Co-education applies to sports, too!" Two female…


Ginny Hunt Demonstrates a Skill, 1963-1964

The image above is of Coach Ginny Hunt and another woman who appeared to be demonstrating a skill. Both were using long-toed English field hockey sticks. Hunt, on the left, had hers in a reverse stick position. Peggy Osborn and Nancy Riddle stand…


Women's Athletics Association, 1988 - 1989

The image above shows, the Women's Athletics Association, of the academic year 1988 - 1989. The purpose of the Women’s Athletic Association (W.A.A.) was to support all women athletes on campus. W.A.A. had their support to include the intramural…