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Hurdler Pat Skelly, 1969-70

In the image above, Pat Skelly [left] running the hurdles during a meet at Severance field. Skelly was one of three women track runners to compete at Wooster for two years as part of a special group of women working with Coach Bob Lafferty. This…


Sharks Prepare to Enter the Pool, 1965-66

The Sharks were a synchronized swimming group sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. This photo shows the women posed on the edge of the pool, ready to enter for a routine. The women are dressed in a one piece swimsuit with an additional…


Woman Soccer Player Preparing to Kick the Ball, 1982-83

The picture above depicts a woman soccer player preparing to kick the ball while two other players are closing in from behind. This was one of the very first photos of women's soccer to appear in the Index. It is unclear whether this is practice, a…


Melinda Weaver Carries the Ball, Lacrosse, 1971-72

The image above is an action photo of Melinda Weaver from the 1972 women's lacrosse season. She is carrying the ball up the field with a defender in pursuit. A freshman, Weaver later became a dominant member of the attack for all four years. She will…


W.A.A. Golf Club, 1948-49

The golf club, under the management of Barbara Hough (left), sponsors individual and team play and offers to learn opportunities for beginners. Here Barb started out for an afternoon on the college course with Nancy Slep and Betty Evans. The three…


Golf, 1934-35

In the image above is of four women facing a fifth, all with golf clubs in hand. The women look like they were too close to swing, so this photo was most likely posted. This group could be a class or a club group. All were in skirts and blouses. The…


Ginny Hunt Demonstrates a Skill, 1963-1964

The image above is of Coach Ginny Hunt and another woman who appeared to be demonstrating a skill. Both were using long-toed English field hockey sticks. Hunt, on the left, had hers in a reverse stick position. Peggy Osborn and Nancy Riddle stand…


Field Hockey, 1934-35

The photo collage detail is of the field hockey team, 1934-35. Ten women were standing on the steps of Severance Gymnasium holding their sticks and wearing two piece gym suites. The people on the top row were Abbott, Gillam, Clark, Bannan, March.…


Basketball Team on Bench, 1962-63

The photo is of the 1962-63 Wooster Women's basketball team, players on the bench during a contest. Coach Nan Nichols can be seen at the far left end. Ginny Hunt is seen seated above at the scorer's table, far right. This team would have been one of…


Golf Club, 1937-1938

The women in the Golf Club were Eva Shorb, Dotty Miller, Delmar Tooker, Ruth Hazeltine, Jeanne Simmonds, Pat Kelley, Virginia Blair, Ruth Wyllie, Harriet McGillivry, Marcia Main, and Carol Tornebaum. One of the women in the golf club, Eva Shorb, was…