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Men's & Women's Swim Teams Cheer Together, 1995-96

The photo depicts men and women swim teams cheer together on the deck in Timken Pool. The photo shows the two teams around the diving board. There is a sign on the back that starts "Wooster Divers do it with a Twist." They are dressed in…


Run Baby: Sandy Tecklenburg Smokes the Competition, 1998-1999

The image above is captioned "Run Baby: Sandy Tecklenburg (#225) Smokes the Competition." Tecklenburg can be seen running a corner of the course. She was caught mid stride. Tecklenburg is seen wearing singlet and shorts.The administrative head at the…


Coach Rise Shares Strategy with Moorefield, 1993 - 1994

The image above is of Coach Rice taking a moment to explain a strategy to Emily Moorefield. Moorefield was an All American and in the W Association HOF. She was also an extraordinary potter, opening Moorefield Pottery Shop in Wooster following her…


Moorefield and Hunt Lead the Pack, 1993 - 1994

In the image above, Emily Moorefield (front) and Marcy Hunt are seen leading the pack. Moorefield and Hunt were the top two 1500 runners in the NCAC. Both went to nationals in that event. Moorefield also won the 800 meters. She finished 4th at…


Women's Soccer Team Photo, 1996-1997

The image above features women’s soccer team photo, 1996-1997. The caption above the photo identifies team members. Regular Season Record 18-3; NCAC Undefeated Champions, 8-0. Went to National Tournament and lost to Heidelberg 1-2 in the first round.…


Women's Soccer Players After Game Discussion, 1993-1994

The image above features part of the women’s soccer team as they engage in a discussion after games. The three women stand in a row. All American Goal Keeper Lisa Hall is seen on the far right. The women are dressed jerseys and shorts. The…


Coach Cowles Talking to the Team, 1989-1990

The image above features Nick Cowles, head of women's soccer coach, as he is leaning in to talk to his team. He is seen wearing a sweatshirt, and sweatpants. The administrative head as Nan Nichlos.


Liz Conrad Heads to the Goal, 1993 - 1994

The image above is captioned "Driving toward the goal, Liz Conrad prepares to shoot. " Conrad is seen with the ball, had blown by an opponent as she heads to the goal cage. The women were dressed in a long-sleeved jersey, undershirt, leggings, and…


Carrie Zuro Digs In, 1995 - 1996

The image above Carrie Zuro is seen digging in. Mariama White (#15) and #11 Jenny Schroeder were waiting their turn. Zuro is digging the volleyball during a warm-up for a game. The women were wearing jerseys, shorts, and knee pads. The administrative…


The Defense Corner Unit, 1998-1999

The image is of the defense penalty corner unit leaving the cage. Players from left to right are Jen Hayman at the cover, GK Melissa Goodwin, Kate Dunne at the fly, and Jeanine Edmonds on the post. The fifth player, the trail, is not visible behind…