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Juniors Win Swim Marathon, 1947-48

The image above is captioned "Juniors Win Swim Marathon." Womens swimming program featured marathon competition between the classes. Whenever a girl swam a lap, it was added to her class total. The junior class won with 15.6 miles, trailed by the…


Sphinx Volleyball Tournament Champions, 1948-49

The image is of Sphinx Volleyball Tournament Champions, 1948-49. The women in the first Row are Jan Wise, Nancy Bachtell, Jackie Tucker, Aenid Horton, Jean Vernon, Ruth Russ, Jackie Nuttall. And the second row depicts Jeri Mitchell, Beth…


Women Playing Basketball and Volleyball, 1944-45

The left photo depicts a woman is shooting a free throw at the foul line, while five other women are standing at the lane lines. All were dressed in shirts and shorts. They were most likely playing six-player basketball: only so many players are…


Sharks in Pool with Umbrellas, 1956-1957

The picture above depicts Katy Kerr, Suzie Miller, Jean King, Ginny Buck, Phoebe Frew, and Ann English, who had spent many long hours in the pool rehearsing for the Sharks review. The six women were holding umbrellas face the camera in the pool. They…


Orchesis is Formed, 1948-49

An innovation in the W.A.A. this year was the formation of a modern dance club or orchesis society. Nancy Fischer was the first manager and took responsibility for much of the initial organization work. The first row depicts; L. Martin, Burt, Howard,…


W.A.A. Golf Club, 1948-49

The golf club, under the management of Barbara Hough (left), sponsors individual and team play and offers to learn opportunities for beginners. Here Barb started out for an afternoon on the college course with Nancy Slep and Betty Evans. The three…


Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32

This is a picture of the Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32. This was the year an honorary varsity team was chosen from the two upper-class teams. Mary Jane Paumier was the elected captain. An all-star freshman team was formed also from the two…


Shirley Fry Demonstrates a Return Shot, 1951-52

The photo depicts Shirley Fry, runner-up in the National Women's Amateur Tennis Tournament, demonstrating a return shot. Miss Fry, who lived in Akron, came for a tennis clinic sponsored by the WAA board. This photo is in a section titled: " 'The…

Hockey_Class_Teams__Managers_192122 (1).jpg

Hockey Class Teams & Managers, 1921-22

The Hockey Page shows the four Class Hockey Teams & Managers. Three classes were sitting on the steps of Severance Gymnasium, while the fourth appears to be in front of a Board wall. The Seniors can be seen wearing sweaters with their year (1922) in…


W.A.A. Hockey Enthusiasts, 1956-1957

In the image above, W.A.A. hockey enthusiasts, Connie Coleman, Marty Hannum, Pat Lecrone, Betsy Weeks, and Joan Tignor, smile prettily for the index photographer. Five women with English-toed hockey sticks posed on the field. Four were in white…