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Juniors Win Swim Marathon, 1947-48

The image above is captioned "Juniors Win Swim Marathon." Womens swimming program featured marathon competition between the classes. Whenever a girl swam a lap, it was added to her class total. The junior class won with 15.6 miles, trailed by the…


Sphinx Volleyball Tournament Champions, 1948-49

The image is of Sphinx Volleyball Tournament Champions, 1948-49. The women in the first Row are Jan Wise, Nancy Bachtell, Jackie Tucker, Aenid Horton, Jean Vernon, Ruth Russ, Jackie Nuttall. And the second row depicts Jeri Mitchell, Beth…


Cartoon of Scottish Lass Catching Baseball, 1946-47

The drawing above is of a man and woman dressed in Scottish clothing. The Man is swinging at and missing a baseball as the woman catches it. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Orchesis is Formed, 1948-49

An innovation in the W.A.A. this year was the formation of a modern dance club or orchesis society. Nancy Fischer was the first manager and took responsibility for much of the initial organization work. The first row depicts; L. Martin, Burt, Howard,…


W.A.A. Golf Club, 1948-49

The golf club, under the management of Barbara Hough (left), sponsors individual and team play and offers to learn opportunities for beginners. Here Barb started out for an afternoon on the college course with Nancy Slep and Betty Evans. The three…


Senior Honorary Awards, 1940-41

In the academic year of 1940-41, the Senior Honorary Awards went to Margie Ellis (left) and Alfie Gabriel. This was the highest honor a girl can receive in the women's athletic department. The awards were made on the basis of participation in sports,…


Aerial Photo of Severance Gymnasium, 1941-42

The photograph is an aerial view of severance gymnasium. Severance Gymnasium was the seat of Wooster's physical education and athletic program. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Women's Physical Education Instructors on the Golf Course, 1941-42

This is a photo of the Women's Physical Education instructors on the Golf Course. Misses Jacobs, Buccalo, Saddler, and Lowrie were seen enjoying a round of golf on Wooster's excellent nine-hole course.Lowrie had been the head of the Women's Physical…


They're Off: Women diving into Severance Pool, 1941-42

In the photo above captioned "THEY'RE OFF", aqua-loving co-eds populate the pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In the picture Jane Elliott, Margaret Gibbons, Donna Doerr, and Ruth Whitson get off to a start for a freestyle race. Great photo of…


Women Golfers Putting on L.C. Boles, 1940-41

This is a photo of women in golf, from Left to right: Gwen Polen, Ruth Gensbigler, Doris Bennett. Three women were on a green, putting. Three balls can be seen on the green. The one farthest from the hole is putting, while one looks on and one holds…