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Cartoon of Scottish Lass Catching Baseball, 1946-47

The drawing above is of a man and woman dressed in Scottish clothing. The Man is swinging at and missing a baseball as the woman catches it. The administrative head at the time was Kathleen Lowrie.


Play Ball! , 1926-1927

In the photo, a woman is seen holding a baseball bat with a second woman behind her in a crouch, ready to catch the incoming ball. Several women were in the background to the right watching the action. All of the women were wearing skirts or dresses,…


Women's Baseball, 1931 Championship Team

The photo is of seven women who were members of the 1931 baseball team. This may be the first time a baseball team has been pictured, although the women had a game as early as the 1800's when Hoover Cottage was built.In the spring of 1931, the…


Hoover Cottage Baseball Teams, 1896-1897

The image above is a list of the Hoover Cottage Base Ball Teams. Two women's teams organized at the Cottage on April 21st, 1897. The bat was presented by the Rhoads' Boarding Club. Positions are listed for nine players and a captain for each team.


Diagram for Severance Athletic Field, 1914

The image above is a diagram for the new L.H. Severance Athletic Field, which was under construction in its current location. Every form of equipment for athletics had been provided for. Space was proposed for baseball, track, football, stadium,…


1893 Class Photo (Sophomores), 1890-1891

The image above is a photo of the sophomore class of 1893. Five rows of 37 students with 8 women in front of campus building. In front of group was a pile of items used in the class competitions: tennis rackets, baseball balls, bats, catcher's mask…