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Severance Stadium and Football Field, 1950-51

The image above was a cover page for athletics. It is an aerial view of Severance Stadium and Football Field from the east during a football game. There was a fence around the field, but the tall fence was no longer around the whole facility. It is…


Cover Page, Girls' Athletics, 1919-1920.

This is the Cover Page for Girl's Athletics, 1919-1920. There is a drawing of a young woman in a bathing suit appearing to be leaning backward, to dive. She was centered in front of a circle with Girls' Athletics behind her. It was much less complex…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1917-1918

This is the cover page for Women's Athletics, 1917-1918. Drawing of three women in the background: one with a ball (football, rugby or basketball), one with hockey stick or golf club, and one with a tennis racquet. All were dressed in sailor tops,…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1920-21

The picture features the Women's Athletics, 1920-21. The Cover page had a drawing by Elizabeth Fischer. The drawing depicts three women at a wall lounging in 1920's style clothing. The woman in the center wore W C sweater with a skirt or bloomers,…


Cover Page for Women's Athletics, 1918-1919

The image above was a cover page for Women's Athletics, 1918-1919. It had the letters "W" with the letters B (Basketball), H (Hockey, Hiking), S (Swimming), and T (Track, Tennis) placed on it, and a chevron across it. The letters were being given for…

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

Sports Cover Page, 1967-68

This is the sports Cover Page for 1967-68. While this section on sports includes both men's and women's teams, only men's sports and one photo of a cheerleader were represented in this collage of action photos. The word "SPORTS" was on the initial…