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Women's Athletics, Atalanta and the Golden Apples, 1925-1926

The illustration that leads this section on Women's Athletics shows the Greek Myth of Atalanta and Hippomenes. Atalanta was abandoned at birth and raised by a she-bear, then hunters who found her. She became a great hunter and a fast runner. But…


Women's Athletics Staff & Program, 1930-31

The image above is of the Women's Athletics. Although Wooster College does not offer a major in Physical Education, her intramural program was well developed. Students had an opportunity to enjoy most of the sports offered in schools of physical…


Women Playing Volleyball, 1942-43

Wooster Co-eds mobilized with Red Cross Life Saving Classes and the Council for Physical Fitness. This is a photo of women playing volleyball. All were wearing one piece gym suits with skirts, and shorts or bloomers underneath. There were seven women…


Basketball Practice Session with Dr. Sexton, 1953-54

Before the critical eyes of Dr. Sexton, J. Eaton, N. Orahood and J. Brooks on the floor. M. Buckstaff and J. Coulson demonstrated basketball technique in one of the five required practice sessions. Women were required to participate in five practice…


Miss Lowrie, 1926-1927

This full-length photo of Kathleen Lowrie is featured on a page for the Big Six Board. With Miss Lowrie as head of the department and Miss Sperry as her able assistant, the Women's Athletics Department had made rapid strides in the past few years.…


Dr. Maria Sexton at Graduation, 1975-1976

Dr. Maria Sexton appeared to be serving as a Marshall at the 1976 Wooster Graduation, as she seemed to be checking a list near the line of students. She was wearing faculty robes at commencement. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.