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Alpha Alexander Spikes at the Net, 1974-1975

This action shot shows Alpha Alexander [HOF] just after she had spiked the ball over the net. Cindy Sprau No. 18 was set to defend, preparing for the next play. The opponents on the other side of the net were attempting to block the spike. This photo…


First Season for Girls' Volleyball, 1966-67

The image above is of the girls' volleyball team. Believe it or not, it was a varsity sport for the girls on the Hill. And believe it or not, for the first season they bounced up a winning record of 4-2. Carolyn Hole was team captain, and a fine play…


Marti Keiser Takes a Shot on Goal, 1975-1976

This is a photo of Field Hockey player Marti Keiser taking a shot at the goal during the Fall of 1975. Her uniform consisted of a white crewed neck jersey, McLeod plaid kilt, long socks and soccer cleats. The administrative head at the time was Nan…