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Women's Athletics, Atalanta and the Golden Apples, 1925-1926

The illustration that leads this section on Women's Athletics shows the Greek Myth of Atalanta and Hippomenes. Atalanta was abandoned at birth and raised by a she-bear, then hunters who found her. She became a great hunter and a fast runner. But…


Women's Athletics, 1926-1927

This page acts as an introduction to the section on Women's Athletics. It follows Men's Athletics, specifically the section on Men's Intramural, and Men's Inter-Section and Inter-Class Teams. The section opens with a drawing of a woman aiming at an…


Women's Lacrosse Team Photo, 1974-1975

The image above is a team photo of Women's Lacrosse 1974-1975. Top, left: Liza Ukena, Marjo Forbush [HOF], Joann Olson [HOF], Betsy Bruce, Dale Kennedy, Unknown , Betsy White [HOF], Andrea Steenberg. Row 3:Unknown,Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Jo…


Four Women Archers Shooting at Targets, 1926-1927

This photo of four women archers is at the bottom of the introductory page for Women's Athletics. The top of the page has a drawing of an archer. These women were all dressed in knickers or bloomers, long stockings and tops. All have their bows…


Alison Hitchcock in the Pool, 1974-75

The photo features a swimmer Alison Hitchcock (in water) standing at the end of the pool as Dale Kennedy leaning down toward her from the deck. Wooster swimmers in striped suits can be seen in the pool and on the deck. The girls wore striped swimming…


Women's Athletics Staff & Program, 1930-31

The image above is of the Women's Athletics. Although Wooster College does not offer a major in Physical Education, her intramural program was well developed. Students had an opportunity to enjoy most of the sports offered in schools of physical…


Volleyball Team Gathers Around Coach Hunt During Practice, 1973

This image depicts the varsity volleyball team gathered around Coach Virginia Hunt during a practice in the fall of 1973. Identified from left to right are: Janice Wong, Coach Ginny Hunt, Alpha Alexander, Meg Meeker, Judy Donaldson [hidden], Cindy…


Women's Varsity Basketball Team Photo, 1966

This is an image of the second women's varsity basketball team at Wooster in 1965-66. The women's season was in the winter of 1966, and Nan Nichols (top row, second from the right) served as the first head coach. The women are in uniforms with…