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NCAC Women's Cross Country Champions, 1987-1988

The image above is of the women's cross country team, 1987-1988. The back row depicts Craig Penny (Coach), Katie Keller (HOF), Robyn Sommer, Patty Smanik, Kristy Bender, Stephanie Scierka. And the front row depicts Beth Toole, Angela Sinopoli, Meghan…


Cross Country Team Photo, 1982-1983

The image above is of the cross-country team of the academic year 1982-1983. The front row depicts Amy Cilimburg, Mandy Burr, Liz Moron, Kelley Benko, Theresa DeGuzman. And the back row depicts Coach Craig Penny, Jean Donowski, Debbie Lewis, Bev…


Liz Conrad Heads to the Goal, 1993 - 1994

The image above is captioned "Driving toward the goal, Liz Conrad prepares to shoot. " Conrad is seen with the ball, had blown by an opponent as she heads to the goal cage. The women were dressed in a long-sleeved jersey, undershirt, leggings, and…

Betty_Title_Focuses_on_the_Catch_198485 (1).jpg

Betty Title Focuses on the Catch, 1984-85

In the image above of Betty Title (#21) focuses in on the catch. "Betty Title, with 40 goals and 16 assists led Wooster to an 8-6 record overall and a 5-3 slate in the North Coast Athletic Conference." The title will later become an All-American…


Melinda Weaver Carries the Ball, Lacrosse, 1971-72

The image above is an action photo of Melinda Weaver from the 1972 women's lacrosse season. She is carrying the ball up the field with a defender in pursuit. A freshman, Weaver later became a dominant member of the attack for all four years. She will…


Coach Robin Chambers Talks with Joanne Olson, 1975-76

The image above depicts field hockey Coach Robin Chambers talking with Senior Joanne Olson during the 1975 season. Olson later was selected to the HOF for her play in both field hockey and lacrosse. Coach Chambers is wearing slacks with a vest on top…


The Defense Corner Unit, 1998-1999

The image is of the defense penalty corner unit leaving the cage. Players from left to right are Jen Hayman at the cover, GK Melissa Goodwin, Kate Dunne at the fly, and Jeanine Edmonds on the post. The fifth player, the trail, is not visible behind…


Field Hockey Team, 1975-1976

This picture is a team photo of the 1975 Field Hockey Team. This team participated in the very first National Championship in Field Hockey, which was sponsored by the Association for Intercollegiate Athletics for Women and the United States Field…


Melinda Weaver, Field Hockey Action Shot 1971

The picture is a field hockey action shot of freshman Melinda Weaver going to the ball. The opponents were wearing tunics, while Wooster players are in kilts. Weaver, class of 1975, was in the "W" Association Hall of Fame for her outstanding career…


Marti Keiser Takes a Shot on Goal, 1975-1976

This is a photo of Field Hockey player Marti Keiser taking a shot at the goal during the Fall of 1975. Her uniform consisted of a white crewed neck jersey, McLeod plaid kilt, long socks and soccer cleats. The administrative head at the time was Nan…