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Co-ed Champs, 1929-1930

The image above is of the co-ed champs collage. The five photos in the collage are 1. Archery with a large group of women with bows near the hockey field [goal in the background.] 2. Woman standing with a golf club. 3. Seven women on the hockey field…


Class Managers, 1928-1929

Class Managers were the necessary instruments in arranging games, getting the teams out to practice, keeping the points for the team, and deciding with the aid of the coaches who shall participate in contests. There were Class Managers for Hockey,…


Four Women Archers Shooting at Targets, 1926-1927

This photo of four women archers is at the bottom of the introductory page for Women's Athletics. The top of the page has a drawing of an archer. These women were all dressed in knickers or bloomers, long stockings and tops. All have their bows…


Tennis, Deck Tennis, and Archery Champions, 1930-31

This photo shows Individual Sport Champions of Tennis, Deck Tennis, and Archery. The tennis champion was Katharine Gorton, the champions for Deck Tennis were Ruth and Mildred Creighton, and the archery champion was Josephine Guss. Tennis was a very…


Women Participating in Archery, 1957-1958

The image features a group of women participating in archery. They were all in a line with their bows, and their arrow quivers were stuck in the ground near their feet. This was a recreational activity sponsored by W.R.A. The W.R.A. (Women's…