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W.A.A. Tennis, 1956-1957

In the image above, Jane Craig, Bea Collins, Barb Henry, and Carol Andrews participate in a game of W.A.A. Tennis, while Marty Ashbaugh looks on. Four women appear to be volleying a tennis ball. Several balls were on the court at the net, which…


Orchesis Performing, 1949-50

Orchesis, the modern dance honorary, was organized for aspiring “Martha Grahams.” In March, the 40 members presented a recital with a holiday theme. Membership was made by election following tryouts. Experience may be gained in the apprentice group.…


Gal Sports Advocates Model for W.A.A. Style Show, 1941-42

This is a photograph of Athletic Style Show Models. They appeared to be wearing clothing for skiing, and golf. It looked like the back of Babcock. Gloria Parker, Marnie Thomas, and Gwen Polen were models for a Women's Athletic Association style show.…


Tennis is One of the Most Popular Girl's Sports," 1952-1953

The picture features, two women engaged in doubles tennis. Tennis was one of the most popular girl's sports. Gail Henry and Nancy Geiger volley with two friends across the net. This photo was in a section titled "Girls participate in Sports, Too!"…


W.A.A. Board, 1934-35

This is a photo of W.A.A. Board, 1934-35. Thirteen women with skis, sleds, and skates were gathered in two rows on the snow. Top: Clark, Roberts, J. Miller, Dodez, Graff, P. Baillie, Siegfried. Kneeling or sitting: Startzman, Cady, Lantz, Ciltman, A.…


Collage of W.A.A. Sponsored Activities, 1940-41

This photo is a collage of six photos of W.A.A. sponsored activities. The first was basketball. Starting from the extreme left, Tooie Grove, Dill Kass, Jean Simmons, Alfie Gabriel, Martha McCreight, Ilene Smith. The six women at free throw lane, the…


Unlike Men's Sports, Girl's [sic] Sports Still Active, 1943-44

The letter writes, “Back from Spring vacation and we are on the last lap. The girls' athletics have been quite prominent on campus this year—usual hikes to the cabin, intramurals in swimming, basketball, and volleyball plus an all-star game with Lake…