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Melinda Weaver, Field Hockey Action Shot 1971

The picture is a field hockey action shot of freshman Melinda Weaver going to the ball. The opponents were wearing tunics, while Wooster players are in kilts. Weaver, class of 1975, was in the "W" Association Hall of Fame for her outstanding career…


First Varsity Field Hockey Team, 1965-1966

This is a photo of the first varsity field hockey team in the fall of 1965, with Coach Ginny Hunt on the far right in the back row. The players were wearing tunics with long sleeve shirts and plaid cloth belts. The caption lists the names of all of…


Varsity Field Hockey Action Shot, Linda Fullhart, 1971

The image above is an action shot of Virginia Hunt officiating a Wooster field hockey game while senior captain Linda Fullhart (1972) is about to strike the ball. Hunt, a "W" Association Hall of Fame inductee, was the first varsity field hockey…