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Moorefield and Hunt Lead the Pack, 1993 - 1994

In the image above, Emily Moorefield (front) and Marcy Hunt are seen leading the pack. Moorefield and Hunt were the top two 1500 runners in the NCAC. Both went to nationals in that event. Moorefield also won the 800 meters. She finished 4th at…


Kazmierski in Action, 1987-1988

The image above is of Stephanie Kazmierski clearing a hurdle. She took the Track MVP at the NCAC Meet and qualified for NCAA Nationals in the 4x100 relay, 400 meters, and 400-meter intermediate hurdles. Kazmierski is seen wearing singlets, shorts,…


Liz Conrad Heads to the Goal, 1993 - 1994

The image above is captioned "Driving toward the goal, Liz Conrad prepares to shoot. " Conrad is seen with the ball, had blown by an opponent as she heads to the goal cage. The women were dressed in a long-sleeved jersey, undershirt, leggings, and…


Christy Evans Drives on Opponent, 1989-1990

Christy Evans is depicted driving on a Case Western Reserve University player. Evans was in the W Association Hall of Fame. She had a twin sister who played at Ohio Wesleyan University. Evans is seen wearing a short sleeved jersey, and shorts. The…


Aimee Zedlitz (#34) Maneuvers Through Opponents, 1989-1990

In the image above, Aimee Zedlitz is seen maneuvering through her opponents in an effort to move the ball down the field. Zedlitz (#34) was on the right. She was one of the all-time best scorers in the program, but only played two years before…


LaWanda Crawl Goes In For the Shot, 1989-1990

The image depicts, Senior LaWanda Crawl making a shot that, brought her points to make the record to an impressive 304 for that season. Crawl, a First Team NCAC selection, was reaching up with the ball. Tammy Berger (#35) can be seen looking on from…