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Co-ed Champs, 1929-1930

The image above is of the co-ed champs collage. The five photos in the collage are 1. Archery with a large group of women with bows near the hockey field [goal in the background.] 2. Woman standing with a golf club. 3. Seven women on the hockey field…


Gorton Dribbles Down the Field, 1931-32

The image above is captioned “Gorton Dribble Down the Field.” The image is a rare action photo of women's field hockey. Katherine Gorton was a member of the Women's Athletic Association board and the manager for swimming. This photo was one of seven…


W.A.A. Hockey Enthusiasts, 1956-1957

In the image above, W.A.A. hockey enthusiasts, Connie Coleman, Marty Hannum, Pat Lecrone, Betsy Weeks, and Joan Tignor, smile prettily for the index photographer. Five women with English-toed hockey sticks posed on the field. Four were in white…


Field Hockey Beats Mount Union 2-1, 1950

This is a photo of Field Hockey. The climax of the field hockey season was the game over Mount Union's team on Dad's Day. Despite November winds over the golf course and flurries of snow on the field, both teams played an aggressive and exciting…


Wooster Field Hockey Tackles An Opponent, 1966

This is an action photo of the Wooster women's undefeated field hockey team as they take on an opponent on Wagner Field. You can see the golf house and a team bus in the background. Both teams were in tunics, so it is hard to identify who is who.…


Dad's Day Field Hockey Game, 1950

On the morning of Dad's Day (the precursor to Parent's Weekend), the girls' hockey team defeated the visiting team from Mt. Union 2-1. The women were involved here in an intercollegiate competition! In this photo, we see the women in action on the…


Women Playing Field Hockey, 1942-43

The photo above is of seven women playing field hockey on Wagner field. The woman in the center had just lifted the ball through the space between the two players in front of her. The ball was visible just leaving the frame on the lower right-hand…