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Kris Leslie Releases A Shot Under the Basket, 1982-1983

The image above depicts Kris Leslie (#34) releasing a shot under the basket while Maribeth Bentler (#25) positions for a rebound. Teammates can be seen on the bench in the background. The women are dressed in V-necked tops and high black shorts. The…


Three Field Hockey Players Work the Ball Down the Field, 1981-82

The image above is of three Wooster field hockey players advancing the ball down the field during a game. Three defenders can be seen in the background. The women are seen wearing plaid kilts, blouse, long socks, shin guards and soccer cleats. The…


Wooster Runner Sprints to the Finish, 1980-81

The image above is a woman wearing a Wooster Scotties t-shirt out sprints an opponent. This was the first season of varsity women's track. The team finished 2nd in the All-Ohio Division III Meet, 2nd in the GLCA, and 11th at the AIAW Nationals. This…


Diver Leaves the Board, 1974-75

The image depicts Wooster diver in the air, coming off of the one-meter board. Her teammates can be seen watching in the background. The diver appears to be in a swimsuit. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


Anita Rodriguez Dives in During Intramural Swimming Meet, 1955-1956

The image above is captioned, "Just where Anita Rodriquez is headed no one knows, as she represents her team in the intramural swimming meet with great enthusiasm." The photo shows a woman diving into the pools as five other women look on. All…


Hurdling in the Hall, 1979-80

A woman flashes her form as she goes over a hurdle in the P.E.C. main hallway. The woman is dressed in shorts and t-shirt. The administrative head at the time Nan Nichols.


Women Playing Basketball and Volleyball, 1944-45

The left photo depicts a woman is shooting a free throw at the foul line, while five other women are standing at the lane lines. All were dressed in shirts and shorts. They were most likely playing six-player basketball: only so many players are…


Wooster Third Baseman Attempts the Tag, 1984-85

The image depicts Wooster softball player attempts to tag a Hiram base runner. They are seen wearing baseball cap, softball pants, and short sleeve shirts with an undershirt. The administrative head at the time was Nan Nichols.


W.A.A. Tennis, 1956-1957

In the image above, Jane Craig, Bea Collins, Barb Henry, and Carol Andrews participate in a game of W.A.A. Tennis, while Marty Ashbaugh looks on. Four women appear to be volleying a tennis ball. Several balls were on the court at the net, which…


Sharks Prepare to Enter the Pool, 1965-66

The Sharks were a synchronized swimming group sponsored by the Women's Recreation Association. This photo shows the women posed on the edge of the pool, ready to enter for a routine. The women are dressed in a one piece swimsuit with an additional…