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Action shot of men playing football 1900-1901

This image is the first action shot of men participating in athletics in the Index. The photo depicts men playing football on the athletic field. The youths are in knickers in the foreground. And the stands are in the background. The crowd can be…


Run Baby: Sandy Tecklenburg Smokes the Competition, 1998-1999

The image above is captioned "Run Baby: Sandy Tecklenburg (#225) Smokes the Competition." Tecklenburg can be seen running a corner of the course. She was caught mid stride. Tecklenburg is seen wearing singlet and shorts.The administrative head at the…


Linda Stevenson, Lady Scot Most Valuable Track Performer, 1986-1987

The image above was captioned "Linda Stevenson, the Lady Scot’s Most Valuable Track performer, moves up on an opponent during her record-breaking 5000-M run." Note that the women's teams were called the Lady Scots during this era. Previously, they…


Charlotte Inforzato Passes Baton to Heather Murphy, 1978-1979

In the image above, Charlotte Inforzato was shown passing the baton to Heather Murphy to beat Lorain at a track and field meet at Wooster in 1979. The women were wearing Wooster Scotties Track t-shirts, as the women's teams at this time were called…


Carrie Zuro Digs In, 1995 - 1996

The image above Carrie Zuro is seen digging in. Mariama White (#15) and #11 Jenny Schroeder were waiting their turn. Zuro is digging the volleyball during a warm-up for a game. The women were wearing jerseys, shorts, and knee pads. The administrative…


Brenda Heil Looks for Options, 1988-1989

Brenda Heil (#45) is depicted looking for options while Tiffany Brown (#32) asks for the ball during a game against OWU, 1988-1989. Wooster's bench can be seen looking on in the background. The players can be seen wearing V-necked, short sleeved…


They're Off: Women diving into Severance Pool, 1941-42

In the photo above captioned "THEY'RE OFF", aqua-loving co-eds populate the pool on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. In the picture Jane Elliott, Margaret Gibbons, Donna Doerr, and Ruth Whitson get off to a start for a freestyle race. Great photo of…


Women Golfers Putting on L.C. Boles, 1940-41

This is a photo of women in golf, from Left to right: Gwen Polen, Ruth Gensbigler, Doris Bennett. Three women were on a green, putting. Three balls can be seen on the green. The one farthest from the hole is putting, while one looks on and one holds…


Talley Clyde Gets Ready to Take a Free Kick, 1998-1999

Talley Clyde (#5) in the photo, is seen getting ready to take a free kick after her team was fouled. Clyde was in full wind-up for the kick with her leg extended high behind her, her right foot planted, and her arms out to the side for balance. This…


Alison Hitchcock in the Pool, 1974-75

The photo features a swimmer Alison Hitchcock (in water) standing at the end of the pool as Dale Kennedy leaning down toward her from the deck. Wooster swimmers in striped suits can be seen in the pool and on the deck. The girls wore striped swimming…