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Varsity Volleyball Team, 1931-32

The photo above is of the varsity volleyball team. Although each class team was composed of twelve girls, only ten were chosen for the varsity. Martha Dobias of the Sophomore class was elected captain. The photo is of only eight women of the ten who…


Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32

This is a picture of the Honorary Varsity Hockey Team, 1931-32. This was the year an honorary varsity team was chosen from the two upper-class teams. Mary Jane Paumier was the elected captain. An all-star freshman team was formed also from the two…


Varsity Basketball, 1934-35

The photo collage detail above is of the varsity basketball of the academic 1934-45. The Honorary Varsity team was chosen from the upper-class women who were members of the class basketball teams. Seven women are shown standing in two rows. Viola…


Basketball Honorary Varsity, 1923-1924

This is a photo of the Honorary 'Varsity' from 1924. Much attention had been given this year to the selection of the Black and Gold teams. They were composed of the best players in the upper-class teams. After they had played one game, the best…