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W.S.A. Executive Board in W.S.A. Cabin, 1936-37

The six women, in the photograph, were gathered around a burning fire in a large fireplace in the cabin. Candles and oil lamp can be seen to light the interior, as well as natural light from windows. The name change to W.S.A. had only lasted a year…


Proposed Cabin at Funk's Hollow, 1929-1930

"Through the combined efforts of the Athletic Department of the College and the Trustees, the Women's Department has been offered the use of a beautiful spot of ground five miles from the city limits, called Funk's Hollow. Girls are raising money by…

The Women's Sports Association Cabin, 1936-37

The Women's Sports Association Cabin, 1936-37

The photo above is of the Women's Sports Association Cabin during the winter, with several women outside near the wood pile. The cabin had a large chimney and three windows on the side. There was a door at the end and another window. The windows had…