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Varsity Basketball, 1934-35

The photo collage detail above is of the varsity basketball of the academic 1934-45. The Honorary Varsity team was chosen from the upper-class women who were members of the class basketball teams. Seven women are shown standing in two rows. Viola…


Black and Gold Basketball Teams, 1929-1930

The image above is of the Black and Gold Basketball Teams. From the three upper classes, at the close of the basketball season, two teams of the outstanding players were chosen, known as the Black and Gold. A game, which affords plenty of excitement,…


Senior Class Champions in Basketball, 1922-1923

The image above is of the senior class basketball team of the academic year 1922-1923. This team won the class basketball championship that academic year. This photo is one of four on the page featuring all of the class basketball teams. The poem on…


Detail: Drawing of girls basketball exhibition- March 20, 1903

The image above is a detail of illustration from 1902-1903 calendar of a girl's exhibition basketball game between Hoover Cottage and the Wooster Girls. The drawing shows seven women wearing sailor style tops with scarfs and skirts to just above…


Class Managers, 1928-1929

Class Managers were the necessary instruments in arranging games, getting the teams out to practice, keeping the points for the team, and deciding with the aid of the coaches who shall participate in contests. There were Class Managers for Hockey,…


Basketball Honorary Varsity, 1923-1924

This is a photo of the Honorary 'Varsity' from 1924. Much attention had been given this year to the selection of the Black and Gold teams. They were composed of the best players in the upper-class teams. After they had played one game, the best…


Black and Gold Basketball Teams, 1927-1928

The photo above is of six gold team and five black team members -one must be missing as they did play six a side. The players in the top row were in light tops with dark scarves and the bottom row players were in dark tops with light scarves. All had…


Alpha Alexander Crashes in for a Shot, 1974

This is a photo of Alpha Alexander (#24) crashing the lane. Teammate Cheryl Conway (#12) can also be seen in the background. Alexander went on to win many awards for her work with women's sports after graduating from Wooster. Among them was the NCAA…


LaWanda Crawl Goes In For the Shot, 1989-1990

The image depicts, Senior LaWanda Crawl making a shot that, brought her points to make the record to an impressive 304 for that season. Crawl, a First Team NCAC selection, was reaching up with the ball. Tammy Berger (#35) can be seen looking on from…


Girls' Sports Emphasize the Fun in Keeping Trim, 1953-1954

The Girls' Athletics:"Girls' Sports Emphasize the Fun in Keeping Trim." The Intramural sports program offered a variety of activities from fall through spring, designed to suit every girl's taste. Team sports represented were hockey, volleyball,…